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For all the women out there looking for a great Halloween costume idea, you cannot go wrong with a women pirate costume. Along with vampire and witch costumes, pirate costumes are also an ever popular outfit for Halloween parties. They are pretty safe costumes and yet have enough air around them to make people go down on their knees. As a matter of fact they look pretty good too.

Woman pirate costumes can be divided into two broad categories: the first one being authentic looking pirate outfits and second one are those costumes that are titillating or sexy and in the name of pirates just doff their cap, but they are not real and authentic women pirate costumes.

Aye, Cap’n, welcome to WomanPireCostume.Com, where we be finding the great deals for ye landlubbers among ye!  That’s pirate-speak for ‘you’ll find the best deals by shopping here’.  The pirate, with its bad boy (or in this case, bad girl) reputation has long been the inspiration for dressing up and Halloween fun, so maybe you are looking for just the right bad girl woman pirate costume for Halloween parties and off shore fun.  Or perhaps you are looking for adventure on the high seas for your next event or masquerade party.  Whatever reason you have for looking for a woman pirate costume, we have you covered – and you won’t have to walk the plank to find your best look!

The woman pirate costume has been growing exponentially in popularity with the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise of movies starring Johnny Depp.  More and more women want to pay homage to their love of pirates and to Depp’s character by wearing their own woman pirate costumes.

In true pirate times, women pirates were known as wenches, and their clothing was quite sexy and exotic.  This is much the same as today’s woman pirate costume, which usually features a leather look corset with ties up the front, a ruffled blouse, usually made of silk or satin, and a skirt with a tattered looking hem (likely made that way from sword play with enemy pirates).  The woman pirate costume is not complete without some form of weapon, usually a sword will suffice, and a pair of spiked boots.  She might choose to wear a do-rag type head scarf on her head.  For the woman pirate who is not totally into dresses, there were also women pirates who chose to wear a sexy corset over a pair of pants, usually black leather!

Thanks for stopping by WomanPirateCostume.Com for advice, tips, and swashbuckling ideas to transform you into a hot female pirate that even ole Captain Hook or Captain Jack Sparrow would “fancy”!

The first category is obviously a better choice. That particular costume set typically includes a bandanna, waistcoat or corset, a peasant style mahogany or white colored shirt, skirts or pants and the pirate boots. One still looks very sexy when wearing this costume and yet portrays the real character of being a pirate. To complete the pirate look, one should not miss out on the big & imitation cutlass along with a complimentary flintlock pistol. You are surely going to make Anne Bonny envious, when you dress yourself up in a high seas pirate costume.

Talking about the 2nd category, they are usually skimpy outfits and include some accessories to make other people know that you actually meant to dress up like a pirate. One of the good example of this category dress is the Playboy Scandalous pirate costume. This costume set includes a gold and crimson bra along with a gold lace skirt. There is a matching crimson red cropped jacket that has naval cuffs and also includes is a naval style hat, red in color.

Which pirate look you will like to wear would depend on you, but in any case, you will the limelight of the show.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Accessorize your Woman Pirate Costume to make your look realistic or even sexy. A woman pirate might clutch a knife with a long curved blade or even a sword in one hand. Upon her shoulder, you could accent the look with a colorful parrot. Over one eye, a black leather patch could bring the entire ensemble together in true pirate fashion. For a sexy take on the woman pirate, fish net hosiery would be ideal. Adding a few rips to the hose could show just how rough this sexy pirate could be. A wig of long, tousled locks will add to the look of your woman pirate costume especially when topped with a pirate’s hat.

Measuring for Your Costume

Avast, me hearties! Yield ye ears t’ these words o’ wisdom from yer dutiful Cap’n, lest you find yerself adrift with the fishes! No woman pirate costume should be ill-fitting, les ye start feeling like walking de ole plank. Measure for your costume properly. That means taking measurements of your chest, hips and waist. If your costume will features pants or pantaloons, you will also need to know your inseam. This is the seam that runs from the center of the pants at the crotch, down your inner thigh, and to the hem. You can use your favorite, most comfortable pants to base this measurement on. Compare your measurements to the size chart to find which size is your best bet.

Ahoy! Me Mateys… why should all the men have fun as pirates? Women can make good ones themselves. Step in to a Woman Pirate Costume and see how the whole party drifts towards you. Go in for the skirt and bandana styled costume or the harem pants and gear. And to the costume, a pirate’s hat, a broad knife, perhaps a compass like Jack Sparrow and a large pirate’s hat. You could also get one that has the skull and bones insignia emblazed on it. Wenches or female pirates can also step out in white ruffled blouses or a skirt with an unevenly torn hem to set the mood.

Women Pirate Halloween Costume

Women pirate costumes, like witches and vampires, are undoubtedly one of the very popular costumes for Halloween and they come in many different styles.  And of many varieties of women pirate costumes, the sexy pirate costumes are the most famous.

The sexy women pirate costume set usually includes a mini dress in the style of a petticoat and tunic. Some of the companies sell these costumes with accessories like belt, hat and boots, but for some other, you will have to buy them additionally.

Though the women pirate costume sets include almost everything to give you the pirate look; however, there are some additional accessories that you may want to buy to look the hottest pirate woman ever. These accessories are as follows:

Caribbean Pirate Wig

If your outfit doesn’t include a pirate hat, go for a pirate wig – it looks much more convincing.

Sequin Pirate Eye-patch

Pirates are not pirates if they don’t have an eye patch. And since you are a sexy pirate woman, you should have a sexy eye-patch. The sequin pirate eye-patch is one glittery eye-patch that just looks fabulous. The best part is that it is not expensive to buy.

Pirate Pistol

It is certainly not a must have, but can add that little something to your pirate costume.

Pirate Maid Pouch Handbag

You would need a purse even if you are dressed up like a pirate. But carrying a fancy purse while in a get up of a pirate wouldn’t go well together. You can buy a brown pouch that is complete with crossbones and a skull patch on the front. Such themed handbags have drawstrings (usually red in color) to close the bag.

Sexy Pirate Boots

They are a kind of must have to give you a perfect pirate look. There are themed pirate boots that feature crossbones and skull on the side. Affiliate Disclaimer

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